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 Jurnalul de chirurgie
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ISSN: 1584 - 9341 Vol.10 Nr.3 - Iulie-Septembrie 2014 | miercuri, 19 iunie 2019
ISSN: 1584 - 9341 Vol.10 No.3 - July-September 2014
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C. Bradea
First Surgical Clinic, „St. Spiridon” Hospital Iaşi
„Gr.T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iaşi
Jurnalul de chirurgie 2009; 5 (1): 86-88
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Video assisted techniques were documented by M.Gagner (1996 – video assisted parathyroidectomy), Henry (1999), Shimizu (1999), Ohgami (2000), Miccoli (2000 – video assisted parathyroidectomy and thyroidectomy). The advantage of this kind of surgery: aesthetics i.e. trying to make only small scars on the neck. Our first case of video assisted thyroidectomy was a female 50 years of age, with multinodular goiter, nodules of 2-3 cm in each lobe, admitted in our clinic in December 2008. History of the disease: 9 years; treatment: hormones pills. The refractive thyroid goiter became surgical in the last four years. The intervention was delayed because of pulmonary tuberculosis the patient suffered from. The video assited technique is inspired from Websurg site (Miccoli technique, 2007), modified by the author. We started with general anesthesia, patient lying, without hiper extension of the neck. The skin incision was on midline of the neck, 15 mm long, horizontal, at 2 cm above the inferior limit of the neck, with electric scalpel. By this skin incision we entered the thyroid space gland with classical instruments; then we introduce a 10 mm, 0 degree telescope, together with a 5 mm Ligasure grasp. After coagulation and section with Ligasure, the superior thyroid pedicle, the right thyroid lobe was dissected all around. Finally, we extracted the right thyroid lobe and then we severed with Ligasure the inferior right thyroid pedicle. The same procedure was used on the left side; it needn’t any drainage; the closure was anatomically tipical. The evolution was uneventful. The histopathological exam result was chronical Hashimoto thyroiditis. Conclusions: Video assisted thyroidectomy can be considered feasible and safe and allows for an excellent cosmetic result and has possible new promising indications such as prophylactic thyroidectomy. Not all patients are eligible for this procedure, but in selected cases it can be a valid option for the surgical treatment of thyroid diseases.


Correspondence to: Costel Bradea, MD, PhD; Assoc. Professor of Surgery, First Surgical Clinic, „St. Spiridon” Hospital Iaşi, Independenţei Street No. 1, 700111, Iaşi, Romania; e-mail:

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