Jurnalul de Chirurgie
 Jurnalul de chirurgie
Aparitie trimestriala in a doua luna a trimestrului
Published quarterly in the second month of the quarter
ISSN: 1584 - 9341 Vol.10 Nr.3 - Iulie-Septembrie 2014 | miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2021
ISSN: 1584 - 9341 Vol.10 No.3 - July-September 2014
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Oana-Raluca Lucaciu (1) , P.V-H. Boţianu (1), T. Hogea (1),
Claudia Dorobăţ (2), A-M. Boţianu (1)
1) Department of Surgery, University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tg. Mureş, Romania
2) Department of Radiology, Emergency Clinic County Hospital Tg. Mureş, Romania
Jurnalul de chirurgie (Iaşi) 2013; 9(1): 173-178.
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Thymoma is the most common tumor of the anterior mediastinum originating from epithelial thymic cells. The tumors are often asymptomatic or with non specific symptoms. We present herein three cases admitted in our surgical for mediastinal tumor. The imagery exams revealed thymomas with lateral and paracardiac evolvement. Intraoperatively, we found tumors in closed contact with the pericardium, developed posterior to the phrenic nerve. In all cases, we performed complete excision of the tumors using a posterolateral thoracotomy. Frozen section was inconclusive in all cases; the final pathological exam diagnosed stage I thymoma. The postoperative course was uneventful for all three patients. The long term follow-up (14 years) revealed no recurrence.

HOW TO CITE: Lucaciu OR, Boţianu PVH, Hogea T, Dorobăţ C, Boţianu AM. Thymoma with lateral and paracardiac, evolvement. Jurnalul de chirurgie (Iaşi). 2013; 9(2): 173-178. DOI: 10.7438/1584-9341-9-2-9.

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